VALTRA grew as world's leading manufacturer by building partnership with dealers and users over the past 60 years.

VALTRA has headquarter in Finland as a representative brand of AGCO group and obvtained

ISO 9001 as a first world's tractor

manufacture in 1993.

Stylish body and colouring attract users in agriculture, forestry and air industry.


 VALTRA Official Website :

 ■Contact : Overseas Project Sales





 COLOUR VARIATION/ Customer Build Tractors




 VALTRA tractor can be chosen from 9 different color according to user needs, which provides unique stylish appearance.

(Special colour is available as Unlimited option)




  Red Metallic 

  Black Metallic 

  Blue Metallic 

  Green Metallic

  Silver Metallic 

  White Metallic 













 TWIN TRAC / Work in Both Directions



 Operator seat rotates 180 degrees, and an optional feature "twin-trac" will support the work to backward.

 Efficient operation is guaranteed particularly when harvester and mower is attached.

























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